HAITEKU D2R Xenon Bulbs 4300k 6000k 8000k 1000k 35W

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HAITEKU D2R Xenon Bulbs 4300k 6000k 8000k 1000k 35W

HAITEKU D2R Xenon Bulbs 4300k 6000k 8000k 1000k 35W

  • Condition: New
  • Socket: PK32d-2, D2R
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Available colours: 4300K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K


These standard HID D2R xenon bulbs are made from quartz glass which increase bulbs working life and visibility on the road. High quality components, provide all the benefits you would expect from Xenon D2R light bulbs.

Long Life D2R hid bulbs designed for durability, lower maintenance and greater safety. Our xenon HID 35w D2R lights deliver better light, but consume less power. D2R HID xenon headlight replacement bulbs lapms are suitable for MERCEDES-BENZ, VAUXHALL, MINI, LEXUS, OPEL, FIAT, CITROEN, HONDA, TOYOTA, VOLVO and all other car models with Xenon headlights and D2R bulbs.

Discover our no Errors, no O.B.C warnings Xenon lighting solution, one of the best choice in the market. Our D2R Xenon HID headlight bulbs provide the same Original Equipment quality as Philips, Osram ant etc.

Available Colours:

  • 4300k (OEM)
  • 5000k (White)
  • 6000k (White/Blue)
  • 8000k (Light Blue)
  • 10000k (Deep Blue)

    We recommend to use 4300K or 6000K colour for the best results and always replace in pairs to ensure a symmetric light beam, brigthness and colour from both bulbs on the road.

    The quality you can trust!


    1 pair (2 pieces) D2R Xenon HeadLight bulbs