We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer financial details with any 3rd parties.

All Lioxenon’s customers can access Lioxenon e-shop at any time and at any place in the world, with the security that their online experience will be satisfactory since Lioxenon provides all its customers with a secure payment method and a safe delivery system, as part of the company’s uncompromising focus on premium.

Lioxenon payments for LED DRL lights, Headlights Bulbs, Xenon Ballasts, angel Eyes Kit, Halo Rings Kit, etc. can be done exclusively by PayPal as the securest payment method which enable our customers to pay and send money from debit or credit cards or bank accounts; furthermore, Lioxenon has chosen PayPal in order to secure the data protection of its customers, Lioxenon’s customers do not share its financial details with Lioxenon.

In addition to the below, Lioxenon’s payment system provides to its customers to store their billing and shipping information without enter it every time - making checkout fast. Moreover, Lioxenon, provides with an approve business account in order to ensure safety in the transaction disregarded in which part of the world our customers are situated.

Lioxenon’s deliveries options can be selected by the customer directly on the website and are as follow:

In the United Kingdom First Class Mail – Royal Mail Trust First Class Mail for quick, efficient delivery across the UK. Lioxenon’s deliveries under First Class Mail reach their destination the next working day, including Saturday.

Second Class Mail– Royal Mail Lioxenon’s deliveries under Second Class Mail reach their destination in two or three working days, including Saturday.

In Germany Lioxenon’s deliveries in Germany Most can be delivered within nationwide within two days (comparable to the United Kingdom’s Second Class Delivery hereinafter mentioned)

International – as per request

The Lioxenon’s family is grateful with you for choosing making business with them and compliments your for giving yourself a bigger safety margin when you are driving by choosing the best car lamps for your automobile.